After a fantastic trip to the Colorado Rockies for RnR and some photographing, I’m returning attention to these web pages and the final classes of a Web Developer certification from the NobleDesktop school in Soho, NY.
Upon completion I will have completed:

  • Web Dev I: Building Websites
  • Web Dev II: CSS Intensive
  • User Experience Fundamentals
  • javaScript & jQuery
  • HTML Email
  • Mobile & Responsive Web Design
  • Adobe InDesign
  • GreenSock Animation Platform
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Visual Design for Web & Mobile
  • Adobe Photoshop Advanced Retouching
  • Photoshop for Web Design & IU
  • Responsive HTML Email

So updates, fixes and revisions are on the way for the Fall and Winter.

“Get off a dat thang! and dance, you’ll feel much better” — Mr. J. Brown

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