Centurions of the Hudson

These photographs depict the pilings in the Lower Hudson River Estuary. Standing like sentinels, the pilings of the Hudson River Park Estuary guard the history of a bygone industrial age like the Terracotta Army of China’s Shaanxi province guarding the emperors tomb.

Midnight At Ground Zero

A personal memoir in the aftermath of the Sunni/Wahhabist attacks on the World Trade Center, New York.

Emancipation of the First Generation

While the burdens of the immigrant generation are heavy the contradictions and the stress it produces are played-out by the first born generation who often bare the cross of guilt and responsibility to upholding the mother culture and at the same time build a bridge to the new culture.


Photos from the part of the world I've seen, so far. I'm a visual thinker and it's a wonder why I didn't pickup a camera sooner in life. Presented here are selected photos and collections which I'll hope to change every now and then. So check back in.

Western & Atlantic HO Model Railroad (circa 1883)

Thom Radice started this Civil War Era layout in 1999. Shortly thereafter I visited Thom and was drawn into the project and quikly realized that there needed to be a documentary record of it's progress. As to which "side" I was on, paraphrasing Mr. Twain, I do not engage the disagreement as there's an insufficient supply of Worcestershire sauce. 
His blog can be found HERE.

Jolly D'Bugger:
respect no code

Jolly D's Quality Assurance pirates' motto, manifesto is attached. We raid 'Her Majesties' programs to liberate the code for the benefit of the end-user. Errrrrrrrrrrorrrrr!

Atlantic Storm Meditation

Images inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Seven Days Seven Nights", taken while flying over the Atlantic Ocean. My solo cello improvisation with effects.